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I’ve had an interest in acting since I was a child. The Library Director at the Redondo Beach Public Library where I am employed asked if I would be willing to cover some children’s storytime. She knows of my?interest in acting. I paused for a second, smiled and told her I would think about it. Now, I’m not new to storytime, in the early 90’s I managed a small library at an elementary school, and part of my duties consisted of storytime. The art of reading to children consists of grabbing their attention by being able to mimic voices, raising and lowering the tone of the voice, and being animated when appropriate. In these past weeks I’ve checked out about thirty books, and I’ve read them to my (guinea pig), my 3-year-old great-nephew, Ben. I also had the opportunity to read to other nephews and nieces. It’s good practice to evaluate books before presenting at a children’s storytime. Lastly, have fun, you can bet the kids will! I’ll be in action on May 31st along with my librarian colleague, Jennifer Graves who will be doing the singing part.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Illustration of?Max and the Wild Things.