My love of music has been natured from my family. I recall being exposed to Oldies (Motown) from my sisters and Elvis, Juan Gabriel, Camilo Sesto, Mariachi music from my parents. In the ’80s, I was into British pop, Duran Duran, Kate Bush, Bronski Beat, Depeche Mode, Culture Club, Billy Idol, and other British musicians. I was also into Nina Hagen! I later discovered The Doors which I connected with. I was fortunate to be in the choir in grade and middle school. My middle school choir professor encouraged me to audition for The Music Man and Oklahoma, but at that time, I was hanging out with the cool kids, and I sabotaged my audition something that I have regretted.

There’s that moment in life that something sparks, recognizing that special something in a song which I’ve seen it in Madonna and Lana Del Rey. Madonna has been a marketing genius; time and technology change and opens doors for others to flourish. Time ticks and new artists arise, Lana Del Rey is one of those singers. She has a voice, a voice that is full of soul. She awakens my desire to sing, to create music. Her new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, resonates with living in Los Angeles, and her album makes my commutes calm and enjoyable. I see commonalities in both artists and can relate to their religious background. Driving on Lincoln Boulevard, I pass an image of Jim Morrison, and I know it’s my time. Thank you both for giving me joy and inspiring me to write music and sing.

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